About the Course

This course offers interactive games and activities to help students just beginning in French to improve their listening comprehension, their pronunciation, their reading comprehension, and their knowledge of basic words and phrases (but always in context!). This course is perfect for students of all ages motivated to improve their French independently.

Mme Amiry

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Course Materials Only (One-time Payment)


Trial Session (One-to-one)

Book a session with a teacher to experience what the whole course is like.

Note: each student is allowed one trial session. After that, it is required to purchase a package if the student is interested in continuing to work with her/his teacher.


One-to-one Tutoring

Learn one on one with an experienced tutor. You will meet your tutor twice a week for 4 weeks, with a total of 8 hours of live sessions.

Price includes access to course material.


Friends Plan (2 students)

Bring a friend and enjoy a more affordable plan!

With this plan, you can bring a friend and pay a discounted price together. You will either have one-to-one sessions that are 30 minutes each, or work together in a group for 40 minutes per session.

Note: we reserve the right to decide whether you learn one to one or in a group of two, depending on an assessment that we conduct in the first session. Price includes access to course material.