About the course

This course pools together resources from across the internet and provides lists of words to practice using the designated sounds that are appropriate for the KG child. This course is a perfect at-home support for families who want to strengthen their child's understanding of different consonant and vowel sounds as the child embarks upon a wonderful reading journey.

Ms. Radwa Noureldin

Radwa spent many years teaching literacy for all age groups, from early childhood to adults. She has an evident passion for teaching literacy and has joined the ACT Microschools team to help design and deliver a rich lingual environment for the students. Prior to ACT Microschools, she held different teaching and head teacher positions at different international preschools and K-12 schools in Cairo.

Course Curriculum

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Trial Session (One-to-one)

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Note: each student is allowed one trial session. After that, it is required to purchase a package if the student is interested in continuing to work with her/his teacher.


One-to-one with an Experienced Teacher

Learn one-to-one with an experienced ACT Microschools teacher who is trained on our curriculum and teaching methods. You will meet your tutor twice a week for 4 weeks, with a total of 8 live sessions (each session is 40 minutes long).

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Note: we reserve the right to decide whether you learn one to one or in a group of two, depending on an assessment that we conduct in the first session. Price includes access to course material.